Wai Dressers and Night Tables

Wai Collection 
Oriental inspiration underpins the collection of sophisticated accessories for the Wai sleeping area.

Wai is a line of furniture for the sleeping area, the shape of the base of which was inspired by joined hands, a gesture known as “wai”, used in the Far East to greet and show respect. The collection includes chest of drawers, highboy and bedside table with a sober and clear appearance. The large, rectangular structure elegantly retains the drawers on which a discreet recessed handle is a sophisticated decorative and functional element.

The material that characterizes Wai is wood: specifically, the warm, reassuring colour of the Canaletto walnut enables these accessories to be incorporated perfectly in numerous stylistic contexts. The base, in painted metal, either in anthracite grey or the burnished finish, raises the structure from the ground in an original way. The bedside tables are produced in two versions: with a single drawer and central base or two handy drawers, with double lateral base.

Designed by Mario Mazzer
Made in Italy