Aveva Wool Pots

Aveva Wool Pots

Aveva’s handmade flowerpots in 100% wool with a flat bottom and two different colors that blend together, creating a lovely ombré effect. The inside is coated with natural rubber that makes the flowerpot waterproof. Follow care instructions below. Combine the Flower pot 18 with our Flowerpot hanger, recommended for pots in size medium and large. The flowerpot hanger is available in black & nature.

Care info:

  • Apply natural leather grease to the rubber. Repeat from time to time
  • Do not expose the rubber to sunlight
  • Do not wash or tumble dry
  • Do not keep excess water in the bottom for more than 2-3 days
    Available Sizes:
    Small - Depth/Height: 8 cm, Weight: 30 g
    Medium - Depth/Height: 14 cm, Weight: 70 g
    Large - Depth/Height: 19 cm, Weight: 150 g
    X-Large - Depth/Height: 30 cm, Weight: 470 g


    Material: 100% wool 
    Made in Sweden/Nepal

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