May Day - Anniversary Edition

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Designed by Konstantin Grcic
Released in 2020, designer Konstantin Grcic revisits the Mayday, his first-ever design for Flos, with a special 20th anniversary edition featuring a sleek, die-cast aluminum handle. Each handle has engraved the exclusive and unique progressive serial number for each piece plus the designer's signature. The incision was made by traditional handcrafted mechanical punching.

 "It was a lamp I wanted to have for myself—a lamp that I felt should be something like a tool. A tool is an object that fulfills a function—a very concrete function—and normally its form explains the function. That’s what makes a tool so beautiful" - Grcic.

A versatile, contemporary table lamp from designer Konstantin Grcic is a brilliant blend of utility and sophistication. 

Inspiration Behind the Design: Designer Konstantin Grcic offers a lamp that is the height of functionality, but doesn’t skimp on beauty. He created this conical light to go anywhere it is needed—whether that means it’s displayed prominently or illuminates a utility closet.

Note: LED light bulb is not included with purchase. Sold separately.

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