28 Armature

28 Armature

A stainless steel armature system in a soft-touch matte black finish allows pre-composed branches to be easily connected to a series of hubs during installation. All fixtures are designed to balance and hang without the need for additional support. A variety of Bocci pendants can be used with the armature.

28 results from an innovative fabrication process that manipulates both the temperature and the direction of air flow into blown glass. The result is a slightly distorted sphere with an interior landscape of satellite shapes, including an opaque milk glass diffuser that houses either a 20-watt xenon or 1.5-watt LED lamp.

Colour options: for all 28 colour options please see their 28 colour app at 28.bocci.com.

28 Armature Specifications

Designed by Omer Arbel
Made in Canada