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"The distinguishing feature of the new collection is the wide choice of materials and finishes available, affording total versatility of use in every setting. From table tops to the ever-growing range of fabrics for armchairs, sofas, chairs and beds: every single detail makes it easier to identify a precise interior style and uniformly use it throughout a house or a hotel facility, with an increasingly stronger reference to the world of fashion.

The central idea of the collection is the creation of dynamic, fully co-ordinated ambiances, designed for both residential and contract settings, in a unique style full of well-being and comfort. Settings where the living room dialogues harmoniously with the bedroom in a sole language made of expertise, contemporary elegance and, at times, irony, in a mixture of creative influences. Integrated spaces which share the stylistic footprint that makes Bonaldo a major ambassador of Italian lifestyle all over the world and responds to the cultural change of modern consumers in pursuit of increasingly refined, “sophisticated” and non-makeshift furnishing systems."