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Designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
A legendary design has been featured in Hollywood classics including
Diamonds are Forever and The Italian Job, Arco is a design icon that has been in constant production since its debut in 1962. The modern arc floor lamp considered a design classic. The famed Castiglioni brothers spared no detail when they created it, from the beveled corners of its genuine Carrera marble base (designed not to hurt should you brush against them) to the strategic hole that allows for easy lifting of the base.

The base supports a spun aluminum reflector via a curved stainless steel adjustable stem, allowing the lamp to offer both direct and indirect light. The height extends to almost 7-feet, allowing for easy placement of a couch or table underneath. Stainless steel finish.

Available in LED or incandescent

LED light source:
1 MULTICHIP LED 2700K 1126lm
CRI 93 - 28W (Included)

Incandescent light source:
1 x 100W Silvered Bulb A21 Medium Base (Included)

Arco Floor Lamp Product Sheet

Inspiration behind the design: The Castiglioni brothers drew their inspiration for the Arco lamp from something they saw every day: a streetlight. Using commercially available parts, they set out to design a piece that was technically innovative and visually appealing—a lamp that was functional but wouldn’t need to be stepped around. They finished it with a marble base, knowing that the same weight would take up less space, allowing the Arco to live in—not take over—the room it illuminated

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$4,752.00 $5,280.00