Flock of Light

Designed by Studio Toer, 2020
Flock of Light, by Studio Toer, transforms from a light and airy artistic design piece at daytime to a swarm of bright warm lights at night. A swarm captured in stillness. Flock of Light comes in three sizes: 11, 21, and 31, referring to the number of light sources. No matter how big your room or table, there’s a Flock of Light suitable to light it up. 

Flock of Light Specifications

Finishes and Dimensions

Available in three models:

  • Model 11: 31.5" diam x 25.6" high 

  • Model 21: 53.2" diam x 31.5" high 

  • Model 31: 70.9" diam x 31.5" high