Regoli Modular Shelves

Regoli — modular shelves in white, black, or olive green metal
Designed for versatile outdoor use, Regoli shelves have a minimalist design that blends harmoniously into any context. Made of sturdy cataphoresis-treated metal, with a layer that protects against rust and weathering and a subsequent powder coating, it is available in white, black or olive green.

Thanks to their modularity, they can be used to create a multitude of solutions, choosing from modules of different widths and depths, always 200 cm high. Even the shelves, either with a grid for the passage of water or solid ones, can be moved as you prefer to meet all needs: for furnishing a patio or terrace, organising a vertical vegetable garden or a collection of plants, storing wood or tools etc.

Regoli Product Sheet
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Regoli Product Catalogue
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Designed by Bluezone
Made in Italy.