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“Painting is my job and color my ally. My creations claim beauty as a visual experience. I believe when we experience beauty there is relief.” — Clàudia Valsells

Nani Marquina has designed the Tones collection in conjunction with artist Clàudia Valsells, Tones collection focusing on colour.

The Tones collection has been developed using two techniques that provide differing finishes and sensations. The hand-tufted technique allows Clàudia Valsells' work to be transferred literally, and is the closest thing to creating on a blank canvas. However, the ancestral technique of kilim provides an aged and irregularly woven appearance by using Afghani wool, which gives it a new perception.

Four rug models that bring a distinctive, harmonious, rhythmic and sensitive touch, with colour as the primary tool. The collection is based on a design that invites you to love the rug, inviting people or furniture into the middle of it rather than merely being spectators of the piece.