38.1V Pendant Light

38 pushes the fabrication technique originally developed for 28 to its technical and material limits. A large glass sphere is blown with a multitude of haphazard interior cavities, which intersect and collide with each other in unpredictable ways.

The 38.1V has 4 canopy options, visible in the gallery images, or here.

Please note, all of the 38.1Vm options do not attach directly to a junction box and the power supplies must be remote mounted. “Standard Brushed Nickel” and “Standard White” directly attach to a standard junction box (not supplied).

Lamps (10-watt xenon or 1.5-watt LED) and power supplies included.

38.1V Standard Canopy Specifications

38.1VM Mini Canopy Specifications 
38.1VMI Mini Innie Canopy Specifications 
38.1VMO Mini Outie Canopy Specifications 

Design by Omer Arbel 
Made in Vancouver, Canada

3-4 weeks for production and shipping