38.6V Floor 15%

38V floor light comes with a 350mm (13.8″) diameter base. The semi-rigid black fabric cord includes a patented integral 360 degree dimming system housed within a sleek brass cylinder.

1.5-watt LED lamps included.

The stem floor system comes in unlacquered brass or black powder coated stem with a 350mm (13.8”) diameter base.

38V is a variant of the original 38 series where a large glass sphere is blown with a multitude of haphazard interior cavities, which intersect and collide in unpredictable ways. 38V is smaller, lighter and suspended with coaxial cables. The interior cavities can be filled with plants or left empty..

Standard 38V are made with clear glass exterior spheres and milk white interior lamp holder cavities.

38.6V Floor Specifications

Design by Omer Arbel 
Made in Vancouver, Canada

3-4 weeks for production and shipping