AX Dining Table

AX Non-Extendable or Extendable Dining Table
Geometric essentiality and linearity are choices of a design language for the AX table based on simplicity but also solidity, underlined by the sizeable base. The appeal of the material contrast between the top and the legs makes any decoration almost superfluous, enhancing the purity of the design and the artisan excellence of Bonaldo.

The juxtaposition of very different materials underlines the contemporary feel of the design: the legs are offered in painted metal of numerous colours or burnished finish; the top, both in the fixed and extendable versions, is available in wood, glass or ceramic. A console with the same name (AX Console) is also available for creating rooms with a coordinated style.

Please contact for sizing and available finishes.

Designed by Gino Carollo
Made In Italy