Colibrì Lounge Chair

Colibrì Lounge Chair
Colibrì: lightness and balance for an extremely comfortable armchair.

Colibrì armchair looks like it is light-weight, yet at the same time appears to have an imposing presence in the space. This armchair has a generous seat that comfortably welcomes its guests and envelops them with its large backrest. The oversize seat and backrest are supported by an apparently slender base to create an interesting game of balances.

The five-spoke swivel base lends the overall image lightness and motion, recalling that idea of "comfort without gravity" conceived by the designer. The special padding of the seat and the backrest emphasizes the sense of softness and comfort already guaranteed by the laminated fabric upholstery that adds volume to the figure. 

Colibrì Product Sheet
(technical specs, dimensions, etc.)

Designed by Fabrice Berrux
Made In Italy.