Coppélia Suspended Light

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Designed by Arihiro Miyake, 2015
Coppélia comes to life in a whirl of flowing motion and sparkling light. With a graceful sense of wonder, a beautiful mechanical doll appears to magically come to life in the famous ballet Coppélia. In the performance the ballerina traces, with sinuous movements, a delicate after-image in the air, which inspires the fluid motion in the design of Miyake’s Coppélia Suspended Lamp. The graceful dance, staged by the three-dimensionally crossed wire structure, leads the spectator to dozens of glowing LED lights, which define the contour and the magical glow of Miyake’s interpretation of a classic chandelier.

Coppélia Suspended Light Specifications

Dimensions and Finishes
Available in black and chrome and two models:

  • Small
    26.7" diam x 16.5" high 

  • Large
    39.8" diam x 21.3" high

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