Dogma Bookcase

The Dogma bookshelves, designed by Alain Gilles, are an extreme expression of design

The idea behind these bookshelves is that of playing with shapes and juxtaposing different modules to create a variety of visual effects. The Dogma bookshelves are designed around a basic element, namely the tear-drop-shaped uprights which change the visual perception. The design thus becomes rounded and soft or sharper and narrower depending on the angle from which it is viewed. The Dogma collection has three different modules which can be combined at will.

They feature different spacing between the uprights, which when placed side by side, allow different combinations to be created. The Dogma bookshelves can be placed along a wall or free-standing in the centre of the room acting as a partition between two areas.The Dogma bookshelves are available with Canaletto walnut or coal oak shelves combined with metal uprights, or in monocolour version.

Dogma Product Sheet
(technical specs, dimensions, etc.)

Designed by Alain Gilles
Made In Italy