Dot — Modular Shelving System

Dot — a versatile system of sheet metal shelves and aluminum uprights
Dot is a versatile system designed to furnish any space in the home, a light design element consisting of a few simple components that can lead to a multitude of solutions. It comprises narrow painted sheet metal shelves and light extruded anodized aluminium uprights, available in six different sizes or custom-made.

Accessories such as side panels, bookends, lighting tubes, clothes hooks and wall storage units provide many other options for use: from the living room, where Dot is a minimalist bookcase that almost disappears, to the kitchen, the home office corner, the wardrobe and the closet at the entrance. This versatile design project helps you organize every room in the home, as you desire.

Dot Product Sheet
(technical specs, dimensions, etc.)

Dot Product Catalogue 
(photos, finishes, etc.)

Designed by Monica Graffeo
Made in Italy.