Flora Backyard

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Flora Backyard Rug
Designed by Santi Moix

Nanimarquina presents a new collaboration full of colour at the hand of Barcelona artist Santi Moix, born by the admiration of Nani Marquina for his work. 

For this collaboration, pieces have been chosen where the artist explores the parallelism between life and death through his biomorphic flowers. His use of color goes beyond the merely decorative: it is the resource to enhance and attenuate certain details while paying special attention to in-betweens; those intermediate processes in flowers such as the moments before their birth, their explosion of colour or their decay. 

Backyard is a literal representation of one of Moix's works, in which the original piece has been transferred as reliably as possible to a rug. Its name refers to the natural space behind a house, where the flora is wilder. Hence it is a mural with a messier approach where flowers are presented on a spectacular scale. Its lines in low relief reflect the pencil sketches of the painting.

Hand tufted

100% New wool

Available Sizes
5'7" x 7'10" (170cm x 240cm)
6'7" x 9'10" (200cm x 300cm)
9'10" x 13'11" (300cm x 400cm)

Contact info@alteriors.ca for custom size pricing.

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