Designed by  Xavier Lust
Made in Italy

The Belgian designer and sculptor Xavier Lust signs Fossil for MDF Italia, a small furnishing accessory of great eclecticism, suitable to take on the function of a coffee table, a sort of passe-partout declined in a family of elements united by rounded and fluid lines.

Built in lightweight concrete, and therefore usable indoors and outdoors, it has a delicate neutral finish that evokes the nuances of an organic and natural universe.

Fossil Spec Sheet


UHPFRC cement (ultra-performing fibre-reinforced cement), with high technical-structural characteristics. The finish and colour are achieved through a skilful mixing of sand and natural elements; this factor, together with the piece's slow maturation and drying, allows infinite nuances to be obtained.

The mixing of this particular material and the maturation process in relation to climate changes can generate visual irregularities in the design and colour. 

The shades, the non-uniformity of the surface and the colour are considered characteristics of value and uniqueness.