Itala Too Stool

Itala Too Stool
The Itala collection, designed by Gino Carollo, is enhanced with the addition of Itala too: a stool with a “vintage” taste.

Thanks to its elegant and understated design, Itala too integrates perfectly with the various spaces of the home, combining itself skilfully within contemporary and fun furnishing as well as within chic and “nostalgic” furnishing.

The comfort of the stool is guaranteed by the accentuated padding of the seat, while the backrest, which becomes slimmer as it reaches the top, defines the light and linear silhouette. The upholstery is available in fabric, leather or eco-leather; the base and the footrest are in various colours to ensure maximum customisation.

Itala Too Product Sheet
(technical specs, dimensions, etc.)

Designed by Gino Carollo
Made In Italy.