Kyoto Dressers and Night Tables

Kyoto Dressers and Night Tables
Timeless charm and minimal design. This collection succeeds in achieving the perfect aesthetic balance. The deeper and embracing frame encloses push-pull opening drawers, defining the entire volume of the structure. The top is an open niche, a discreet, elegant surface, where you can add a further accessory: a tray with a synthetic leather-padding base for storage of personal items and jewellery. The slightly raised base creates a sense of lightness.

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Designed by Simone Bonanni
Made in Italy

"At Pianca we have contributed to the birth of Italy’s first industrial furniture district. All our furniture is produced in the area around our headquarters in Gaiarine, near Treviso, and conforms with EU production standards. From here we export the elegance and luxury of Italian-made products across the globe."