Minima 3.0 Sideboard

Designed by Bruno Fattorini
Made in Italy

Minima 3.0 by Metrica ­design Bruno Fattorini.

The Minima 3.0 Sideboard collection organizes spaces and contributes to the definition of the environment. The Sideboard version is a cabinet perfect to help in different functions and offers an additional storage space.

Essential lines and a timeless character distinguish this piece of furniture that in the living room or entrance can serve as a support surface, to hold books or objects, while in the dining room it is a valid solution to put services and accessories in order. 
Double-sided, this sideboard can also be placed in the center of the room to divide the spaces.

Available in 8 configurations with a height of 64 or 100 cm and in 4 colours - white, graphite gray, shadow grey and pearl nickel - it is equipped with a material top made of Italian walnut or reconstructed White Carrara and reconstructed Black Ebony marble and is equipped with containers or drawers.

Minima 3.0 Sideboard Spec Sheet


  • Frames and shelves made of extruded aluminium and assembled by mean of a concealed joining system, capable of giving the structure stability and a special resistance to loads.
  • Frame in aluminium, section 1.5x1.5 cm and shelf 1.5 cm. 
  • End frames are equipped with an extruded aluminium pressure cap.
  • Available with 5 cm thick top shelf, made in multiply wood covered in reconstructed white Carrara marble, reconstructed Ebony black marble and Italian walnut fine wood. The material top shelf in Italian walnut is not available for compositions longer than L300 cm.


  • Composition SB-1 dimensions L184 D39 H64/H100 cm
  • Composition SB-2 dimensions L244 D39 H64/H100 cm
  • Composition SB-3 dimensions L276 D39 H64/H100 cm
  • Composition SB-4 dimensions L366 D39 H64/H100 cm

Cabinets D39

  • Cabinets L90 or 120 cm, with flap door or with two drawers, mandatory to be added to the composition:
  • Sideboard SB-1 L184 H64 order 2 cabinets L90 cm; L184 H100 order 4 cabinets L90 cm 
  • Sideboard SB-2 L244 H64 order 2 cabinets L120 cm; L244 H100 order 4 cabinets L120 cm
  • Sideboard SB-3 L276 H64 order 3 cabinets L90 cm; L276 H100 order 6 cabinets L90 cm 
  • Sideboard SB-4 L366 H64 order 3 cabinets L120 cm; L366 H100 order 6 cabinets L120 cm

These cabinets are positioned at free choice inside the structure.
They are built in medium density wood fibreboard, available in a matt lacquered finish in colours: white, pearl nickel and shadow grey, or in natural black wood.