Mustache Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Mustache — handmade carpet in resistant and coloured polypropylene fiber
Mustache is a collection of carpets designed by Paolo Zani. Created to meet the needs of outdoor spaces, it has evolved into a range of versatile furnishing accessories ideal for any space. Featuring a melange weave with edge trims in different colours and fringes, the carpets are weaved on handlooms: such fine craftsmanship and tailored quality makes each one of them unique.

Made from a polypropylene fibre yarn, Mustache carpets are available in three designs in two or more colours and in two standard sizes, or can be customised on request. They are highly resistant, even when exposed to sunlight or humidity.

Mustache Product Sheet
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Mustache Product Catalogue
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Mustache Outdoor Product Catalogue
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Designed by Paolo Zani
Made in Italy.