NomNom Light

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Designed by Odin Visser, 2022
Can. Not. Resist! The NomNom Light by Odin Visser is a contemporary lighting design that puts a smile on your face and a tingle in your belly. This modestly sized suspension light is the perfect example of the art of omission, while remaining distinctive. Two straight lines and a sphere that create the illusion of two chopsticks holding something delicious. As a stand-alone, there’s no way around NomNom’s playful elegance, but when multiplied in a bundle or in a row, it’s simply irresistible. The NomNom Light makes us hungry for more! And with six colours to choose from, there’s always a new flavour to try out.

NomNom Light Specifications

Finishes and Dimensions

Available in six colours and one size:

  • 8.7" diam x 29.5" high 

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