NR2 Suspension

Starting From

Designed by Bertjan Pot, 2015
NR2 by Bertjan Pot is an elegant and bright bubble of white or black thread. The lattice pattern creates a fine web that shines and glimmers in the light. The fine web is oval-shaped and bears the signature style of Bertjan Pot; designs created from an experiment with different materials. The integrated LED lamp in NR2 subtly diffuses a soft and magical glow around the room. NR2 is available in two different colours and sizes. 

NR2 Specifications

Finishes and Dimensions

Available in white and black in two models:

  • NR2 Medium: 21.7" diam x 15.7" high 

  • NR2 Large: 29.5" diam x 20.9" high 
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