Parentesi Bedside Table

Parentesi Bedside Table
Parentesi bedside table is inspired to the eponymous coat stand designed by Fabrice Berrux.

The shape of Parentesi bedside table brings to mind a niche, a parenthesis that encloses within it two wooden shelves. With an unprecedented design, Parentesi bedside table is upholstered in fabric, leather or eco-leather and it is characterised by a simple style, enhanced by four buttons that are visible at the height of the shelves and equipped with a functional fairlead, making it possible to place a lamp or another electronic device on the bedside table.

Parentesi furnishes the sleeping area in an original and creative way, ensuring the utmost functionality and consistency of the design.

Parentesi Product Sheet
(technical specs, dimensions, etc.)

Designed by Fabrice Berrux
Made In Italy.