Peanut B Modular Sofa

Peanut Sofa
Peanut B is a furnishing element able to give a note of softness and pleasure to the living area.

Great expressive value for a piece of furniture destined to stimulate our most creative and fanciful side; an enveloping softness which confers intense moments of relaxation day after day. Thanks to the many elements from which it is possible to choose, Peanut B is an extremely versatile sofa which adapts to every style or space requirement. Peanut B can also be arranged like an island and be placed at the centre of the room to create a space in which to socialize. There are also some elements available with a mechanism that allows the seat to be extended, for even more comfort. The upholstery, removable, is in fabric or leather, and can be chosen in a solid colour or with different colours and patterns for every module that composes the sofa, in this way offering a further opportunity of personalization.

The Peanut B. family of upholstered furniture, has been expanded to include new elements that stimulate the creative and imaginative side of those who experience them. Thanks to new elements with asymmetrical, pentagonal and trapezoidal shapes, available in various dimensions and combinations with existing regular elements, Peanut B.X becomes extremely versatile and customizable: an island of softness, a symbol of relaxation, the standout feature of the living area thanks to its unique personality.

“Two-sided” design remains the distinctive element of the sofa’s architecture, which is perfectly expressed by the inclusion of the new armrests and poufs. The contours of the stitching, which surround the soft volumes of the seats, contrast with the more austere and geometric shapes of the frame with different seat depths: the result is a sofa that can adapt to any space and style requirement.

Peanut Product Sheet

Designed by Mauro Lipparini
Made in Italy