Serpentine Light

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Designed by Front, 2022
Serpentine Light by Front is an airy suspension lamp created with elaborate twists and turns. The lighting design originated from twisting and turning a piece of paper.

By playing with the tension and natural flow—discovering the limits of the different shapes paper could adopt. The dark lines create the effect of an endless upwards spiral. The flow and curve of the almost translucent material is very natural and diffuses the light evenly. The design’s strong character and illusion of perpetual movement makes it the perfect lamp to hang above your dining table, in your hallway, or above your desk in your office. The lightweight material and perpetual movement make the Serpentine Light an elegant suspension light that keeps you guessing.

Serpentine Light Specifications

Finishes and Dimensions

Available in white and one size:

  • 18.1" diam x 23.6" high 

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