Tense Table

Designed by Piergiorgio CazzanigaMichele Cazzaniga
Made in Italy

“To design by simplifying, to extrapolate the essence”.
This was the genesis of Tense by Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga. Tense represents the core, the primary concept of the table idea, so unique and minimal to adapt to many different spaces, both residential and contract.

Tense is the table’s soul, that expresses itself through a huge consistency in terms of shapes and finishes, the latter in a single material and identical for legs and top, sending a sensation of compactness and modernity. In its essentiality, this table hides a technological heart, encased in the top’s panel, which enables, thanks to the internal tension, to achieve big dimensions, up to 4 meters. And, thanks to the minimum thickness of the top, Tense keeps in any case a high lightweight and stability. The possibility of coming in different sizes and colours enables Tense to meet every customer’s need. Equipped with top-access, the table also lends itself to the needs of professional spaces.

In 2019, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Tense table, MDF Italia introduces NEW SIZES AND FOUR NEW HEIGHTS (H35, H45, H90, H110 cm). So, a real table system was created, divided into 5 categories according to five heights, in order to meet different market needs: low table, coffee table/bench, dining table/working table, console/high table/high working table, high table bar/office. 

- A lightweight and technological table
- Available in three colours
- Developed in 5 heights (H35, H45, H73, H90, H110) and 36 sizes
- Available the equipped version with 1 or 2 top-access and under top cable tray
- Recommended for both residential and contract spaces

Tense Spec Sheet


  • The table is available in the following versions:
  • - matt white, made of acrylic resin and rock minerals. Tabletop, edges and legs covered with a 3mm thick sheet of resin.
  • - matt black and medium grey acrylic resin and FENIX high-pressure stratified laminate of the latest generation. Tabletop in stratified laminate with mass colouration; edges and legs in acrylic resin and rock minerals.
  • 35 mm thick tabletop. 35x35 mm steel legs with internal structural tie. 


  • The table is also available in a version equipped with 1 or 2 top-access and an under top cable tray.
  • The top-access, in size 127x350 mm, are in aluminium.
  • Finishes: matt white lacquer with tables in matt white, or matt black lacquer with tables in black and medium grey.