Think Dining Table

This glass top table makes a striking statement in any room. The solid wood base has an intriguing, interlocking centre joint, creating a beautiful interplay of wood grain and colour where the volumes intertwine. The polished-edge glass top is 5/8" thick and its expansive surface makes the design ideal for dining or as a sophisticated conference table.

• intriguing wood joinery on base
• 1/2"/ 12mm thick clear glass top
• customize to suit your space

Materials & Wood Finishes
• 1/2" clear tempered glass
• solid wood base
• clear matte varnish

Available Sizes

5 FT Table (Seats 6-8 people)
60" rd x 29" h

Helpful Notes
• products are made to order 
• customization is available

• please keep in mind that wood is a natural material with natural variations in colour and grain. These swatches are meant as a general guide for colour only

Designed by Colin Harris
Made in Ontario, Canada