Wellbeing Tapestry

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Wellbeing Tapestry
Designed by Ilse Crawford

Wellbeing is the product of a comprehensive study of local fibers, natural materials and techniques. Designed by academic and creative director Ilse Crawford, this collection based on touch, craftsmanship and respect for the environment is made without bleach or dyes. Wellbeing takes us back to the basics, to a tactile beauty that awakens the senses and connects us with our inner selves.

The Wellbeing tapestry is a work of art resulting from the mastery of the loom technique where each piece is unique. The composition and blend of natural materials immerse us in essential beauty.

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55% Cotton + 22% Jute + 3% Marine plants + 7% Nettle + 12% Wool + 1% Wood bark

Sizes Available:

120cm x 130cm (3'11" x 4'3")

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